Leadership Seminar Scholarship Application


Iowa HOBY dedicates a limited number of scholarships to provide assistance to Iowa high school sophomores who are unable to pay the $225 HOBY leadership seminar registration fee. Iowa HOBY scholarships are intended to provide temporary financial support until local funding sources are established.


    1. Iowa HOBY scholarships are limited to one student from each high school.
    2. The scholarship applicant must be registered as the primary ambassador from their high school by their school counselor. Students registered as “additional” registrations are not eligible for Iowa HOBY scholarships.
    3. Scholarships are intended to provide temporary financial assistance while local funding sources are established (see below: Assistance to Secure Permanent Local Funding.) Iowa HOBY scholarships are not intended to provide funding for any one high school for more than two years out of every six consecutive years. A school is eligible for one $225 scholarship in their first year of applying for scholarship assistance and one $75 scholarship for their second year of applying during a period of six consecutive years. Schools who have received scholarship assistance from 2013-2017 at any level are eligible for scholarship funding as though it is their second year of applying, they are eligible for one $75 scholarship for 2018. Following two years of scholarship support from Iowa HOBY we ask that you seek local funding for a minimum of four years before applying for another HOBY scholarship.
    4. Scholarship applications will be reviewed by the Leadership Seminar Chair and Corporate Board President before being awarded to an individual student.
    5. If a school feels they have special circumstances for requesting funds more than two years out of six consecutive years, these requests should be made in writing and will be considered on a case by case basis by the Iowa HOBY Corporate Board.

Application Deadline and Award Notification

All scholarship applications must be submitted to Iowa HOBY no later than first Friday of March. Scholarship applicants will be notified of their award status on a rolling basis from the first until the third Friday of March.

Assistance to Secure Permanent Local Funding

Iowa HOBY will assist you in requesting funds from local cooperating organizations in order to provide long term funding sources within your community.

    1. Provide a name and contact phone number for at least one cooperating organization in your community or communities covered by your school district. Organizations that support Iowa HOBY are those who value youth programs and community enrichment. Kiwanis Clubs, Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Retired Teachers Associations, Booster Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, local banks and insurance companies are all good places to secure perennial funding for your school.
    2. We will connect them with you and share information about HOBY and request funding for your student or students. When possible, we will schedule an alum from our organization to speak in person at one of their meetings. We will make our volunteers available to speak over the phone regarding the program and to answer any questions they may have. Organizations are excited to support your students because of Iowa HOBY’s long standing tradition of empowering their local youth to engage in leadership and service in their communities.

Questions? Contact Brock Holman, Leadership Seminar Chair, at lsc@iahoby.org.