For Educators

Dear Administrators, Teachers, and Staff:

Registration for the 2018 Iowa HOBY Seminar is now open! Thank you for supporting Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership and for giving your student an opportunity to attend the Iowa HOBY Leadership Seminar. As an educator, you have the privilege of selecting an ambassador to represent your school. We encourage you to make this selection early so that we may best serve your and your student’s needs before and at the Iowa HOBY Seminar.

Please take advantage of the volunteers here to help you: Adam Newland, our Corporate Board President, and Brock Holman, 2018 Leadership Seminar Chair. Our goal at Iowa HOBY is to empower young people to grow in personal and group leadership and to find ways to offer more to the community around them.


Brock Holman (

2018 Iowa HOBY Leadership Seminar Chair

Register Students for Iowa HOBY

REGISTER HERE via our online system!

  • Register your selected student.
  • Pay his/her registration fee now or at a later date.
  • Print an invoice for the registration fee.
  • Enter a Purchase Order number.
  • Enter alternate student information, should your first student be unable to attend.
  • Make address or contact information changes to your student’s registration.

Why Iowa HOBY?

Why Iowa HOBY? Ask any Iowa HOBY alumni what makes HOBY different from another leadership conference and you’ll get a variety of answers. Some may say it is the sense of community that an ambassador feels from the moment they arrive, some may say that it is the opportunity to interact with business professionals, some may say it’s the broad exposure to a variety of issues young people and our world today, and some may say the volunteer staff members. While the number of reasons why Iowa HOBY is far beyond “just another leadership seminar” are too many to count one key reason is HOBY’s commitment to Leadership for Service. Take some time to read about this element of the Iowa HOBY program and why it continues to lift Iowa HOBY far above ordinary and into extraordinary.

Registering More than One Ambassador from Your School

Iowa HOBY is allowing schools the option of sending up to five ambassadors to the Iowa HOBY seminar. The first ambassador registered will be referred to during the registration process as “the primary ambassador.” Fees required to send the primary ambassador (1st student) includes only the National Registration Fee of $225. The National Registration Fee covers the cost of our parent organization including development of program content, insurance costs, branding, and other resources that have allowed more than 400,000 students nationally to participate in the HOBY experience. The local cost of seminar for the primary student is paid for with funds raised by Iowa HOBY volunteers from cooperating organizations, grants, private and corporate donations. Any other students registered will be referred to during the registration process as “additional ambassadors.”

These optional additional ambassadors (up to three per school) are responsible for both the $225 National Registration Fee and the $170 Local Seminar Fee (actual cost of attending the seminar, including room and board and seminar materials) totaling $395 per additional student.

  • 1 Student: $225 total (national registration only, Iowa HOBY fundraises for the cost of attending the seminar for first student).
  • 2 Students: $620 total (national registration for 1st and 2nd students plus local cost of attending the seminar for 2nd student).
  • 3 Students: $1,015 total (national registration for 1st, 2nd and 3rd students plus local cost of attending the seminar for 2nd and 3rd students).
  • 4 Students: $1,410 total (national registration for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th students plus local cost of attending the seminar for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th students).
  • 5 Students: $1,805 total (national registration fee for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th students plus local cost of attending the seminar for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th students).

Volunteers of Iowa HOBY work every day to raise the nearly $35,000 required to conduct the three day seminar. Thank you for appreciating the work of our volunteers. Our only fundraising goal is to allow as many Iowa students to participate in this worthwhile program as possible.

Youth-Led Service Learning Projects

The three day Iowa HOBY Seminar is just the first step of the HOBY experience. We encourage all HOBY alumni to leave the seminar with a plan of how to enter their own communities and make positive change. See our Grants and Resources for Service Learning for non-HOBY planning and financial resources for any young person to use.

Fundraising Resources

Iowa HOBY costs money; we wish it didn’t. Iowa HOBY volunteers fundraise 10 months out of the year to provide the Iowa HOBY experience to as many Iowa sophomores as possible. Unfortunately, we are not able to raise enough funds to cover the $225 national registration fee for each ambassador. We understand that the fees associated with Iowa HOBY can be a challenge for some schools to provide. If you have questions regarding fundraising materials and resources in your community, please email Shana Smrcina, 2018 Director of Recruitment  at or Brock Holman, 2018 Leadership Seminar Chair at

Iowa HOBY hopes to raise 65-70 percent from Cooperating Organizations. These are clubs and organizations that are service and community based and believe in the core values of Iowa HOBY. If you are able to provide up to date contact information for a chapter president and a mailing or email address we are willing to send a sponsorship request on your school’s behalf.

Iowa HOBY offers a limited number of scholarships to eligible students.

Thank you for supporting Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership and for giving your student an opportunity to attend the HOBY Leadership Seminar.