For Educators

Dear Administrators, Teachers, and Staff:

Registration for the 2017 Iowa HOBY Seminar is now open! Thank you for supporting Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership and for giving your student an opportunity to attend the HOBY Leadership Seminar. As an educator, you have the privilege of selecting an ambassador to represent your school. We encourage you to make this selection early so that we may best serve your and your student’s needs before and at the Iowa HOBY Seminar.

Please take advantage of the volunteers here to help you: Aaron Horsfield, our Corporate Board President, and Allison Poss or Brock Holman, 2017 Co-Leadership Seminar Chairs. Our goal at Iowa HOBY is to empower young people to grow in personal and group leadership and to find ways to offer more to the community around them.


Allison Poss ( / Brock Holman (

2017 Iowa HOBY Co-Leadership Seminar Chairs