Iowa HOBY Awards

Every year, volunteers and sponsors help Iowa HOBY enhance the lives of many young Iowans. In appreciate for their time, service, and giving, Iowa HOBY annually presents awards to volunteers and cooperating organizations as a token of our appreciation. Additionally, during the seminar, two ambassadors are selected to receive two World Leadership Congress awards on behalf of the Iowa HOBY Corporate Board.

The Brandon Thomas Outstanding JUFA Award

The Brandon Thomas Outstanding JUFA Award is an award to honor and show our appreciation for a JUFA who has been truly outstanding this year. Brandon Thomas was a remarkable young man who is remembered as being the embodiment of an outstanding JUFA. Unfortunately, Brandon passed away shortly after the 2006 seminar. To honor his memory, the person and JUFA he was, and the impact he made on Iowa HOBY, we award the Brandon Thomas Outstanding JUFA Award to the JUFA that most embodied the spirit and character that Brandon possessed.

The Friends of Iowa HOBY award

The Friends of Iowa HOBY award in recognition of one individual, organization or corporation that has gone above and beyond to support Iowa HOBY. We could not do what we do without their financial contributions and their continued commitment to support the seminar.

World Leadership Congress

At Iowa HOBY, one male and one female Ambassador are selected as the official representatives of our site to the World Leadership Congress (WLC). The WLC program builds upon your seminar experience, and will explore personal leadership, group leadership, leadership for society, and global leadership. WLC students learn to think globally and critically, enhance their leadership skills, and meet students from all over the world who share a desire to lead and make their schools, communities and countries better places.

Continued Committment to Iowa HOBY

While some of our staff members are volunteering with Iowa HOBY for the very first time this year, others have been here for multiple years. While each and every volunteer is valued, Iowa HOBY values the continued commitment of our volunteers and recognizes those who have served Iowa HOBY at their 5, 10, 15, and 20 year service milestones.