Senior Staff Members

Senior staff members are adult volunteers age 21 and older. They serve as Senior Facilitators (SEFAs) or on the HOBY Central (operations) team during the Leadership Seminar. Senior staff are the backbone of each Iowa HOBY Leadership Seminar.

SEFAs are responsible for small groups of Ambassadors during the seminar weekend. In collaboration with the Junior Facilitators (JUFAs), they facilitate thoughtful dialogues on leadership, role model the importance of volunteerism, and help make sure the Ambassadors have an outstanding seminar experience.

HOBY Central team members provide behind the scenes logistical support during the seminar. They make sure the seminar flows smoothly throughout the weekend and support the efforts of the Leadership Seminar Chair in implementing the program curriculum.

Senior staff members come from all walks of life. While several members of the Senior staff are HOBY alumni from across the United States, many are not. All senior staff believe in HOBY’s mission and give freely of their time and talent to motivate tomorrow’s leaders today.

2018 Senior Facilitator (SEFA) applications will be available Fall 2017

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For more information, contact Brock Holman, Director of Senior Staff, at