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We're excited to begin featuring our 2018 Junior Staff!! Meet our first two #outstanding volunteers, Alton and Cailey! 💯
Amazon Prime Day Starts at 8pm CST. 
Be sure to support IA HOBY throughout your purchases!
Parents: Thank you for believing in your children! Nurture the spirit they're leaving here with, and see their life change.
Huge thank you to our panelists Carli, Kalynn, and Claire for their amazing insights on the projects they have started! Also, thank you to our ambassadors for their OUTSTANDING questions! 👍🏼 #iahoby #foodforthought
It's the last day here at Iowa HOBY! Ambassadors, what do you think about your weekend?! 🎉#iahoby #foodforthought #outstanding
Together we built our city on rock and roll!! Here at HOBY, teamwork makes the dream work! #iahoby #teamwork #foodforthought