2017 Ambassador Hours – 316.5/5,000

Iowa HOBY Hours – 575/10,000

Updated 6.23.2017

Iowa HOBY Leadership For Service

Iowa Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) focuses a portion of each seminar on Leadership for Service, a national community service program. Leadership for Service (L4S) challenges ambassadors to move beyond basic volunteerism and to learn about the core issues of the cause they work to serve. L4S is a three part process:

  1. Become educated on core issues of the cause
  2. Offer volunteer service to address immediate needs of the person or cause
  3. Continue to exchange information and ideas regarding solutions related to the cause within their communities and schools

Iowa HOBY works to empower young people to find solutions to problems in their communities. L4S is specifically designed to raise the public’s awareness of young people  as a resource for community problem-solving, prepare young people to take on meaningful roles in community problem-solving and raise public awareness of youth as a resource. L4S also works to develop the capacity of individuals, organizations, and institutions to provide meaningful service and leadership opportunities for youth.

HOBY achieves these goals by challenging each ambassador who attends a local HOBY Leadership Seminar to complete 100 hours of community service. To help them
successfully meet that challenge, HOBY has designed an innovative website and certification process utilizing state-of-the-art interactive technology. The key to the certification program is the interactive web site: www.hoby.org, which has been completely redesigned to be used to reach out to, communicate with, motivate, and certify service hours. On the web site, students register their service projects and record their hours. HOBY certifies their service hours, recognizes them on the completion of their commitments and rewards their efforts.

Alumni completing 100 hours or more of community service within one year of their program attendance are recognized and rewarded for their service. An ambassador will receive:

  • Certificate of Recognition from HOBY
  • Recommendation letter from HOBY’s Executive Director and CEO addressed to College Admissions Officer verifying their service hours
  • The President’s Volunteer Service Award and congratulatory letters from the President of the United States and the Chair and Honorary Co-Chairs of the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation

Iowa HOBY incorporates Leadership for Service as one way to empower students to lead and excel in their communities long after their initial HOBY experience is over. If you are interested in learning more about Iowa HOBY’s L4S program or joining our team of volunteers please contact us at leadershipforservice@iahoby.org.

Leadership for Service


2015 Leadership 4 Service

Making a Difference: Project Ideas

  • Food Drive
  • Meals on Wheels (Meal Delivery)
  • Neighborhood/Town Cleanup
  • Mentoring / Big Brothers, Big Sisters
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Reading Program at your local elementary school
  • Roadside – Highway Cleanup
  • Nursing Home – Caroling, PenPals, and More
  • Sponsor a family during the holidays
  • Plant Flowers
  • Fundraise Money for Your Favorite Charity
  • Teach Sunday School – Youth Groups
  • Help Coach Little League