“At HOBY you all have the and goals and visions for the future and it’s really about finding the courage to do it. HOBY can develope connections and give you support in you chasing your passion. The volunteers and other ambassadors help you. People said that they made a ton of new friends, but I just met my new family members for the first time. Just go with the craziness and your experience will be OUTSTANDING!”

2015 AmbassadorCourage and Passion

“When we were told about HOBY it didn’t strike me right away. I just thought to myself – I could never be a leader. There are so many people in this world that lead; it doesn’t have to be me making the difference…At first I was scared out of my mind. There were people running around screaming weird cheers and smiling all the time. I thought to myself that this was going to be the longest weekend of my life. Eventually the weekend went on and I started to get into the things we were doing. I saw myself growing, becoming more of a leader, and actually being myself. At my school I am class president. I thought about all the ways I could bring the things we are learning there. HOBY changed me. It changed me so much that I came back as a Junior Staff member. I wanted to help kids find their passion and what they can do with their lives to impact so many people. With just a little guidance, they can go out and change the world in so many ways. It is so heartwarming watching the kids change over just 3 days. Seeing their faces get bright and big as they talk about all the things they want to do in life, what their passions are, and how to achieve them. That is why I came back to HOBY. And that is why I plan on going until I physically can’t anymore. HOBY is inspiring. There is no other place on earth like it.”

2014 AmbassadorFinding the Leader

“…HOBY changed my life, but not right away. I had an amazing weekend, but I wasn’t really sure coming back as Junior Staff member was for me. As I went back to school, I began to realize just how much HOBY impacted my life. It began to come up in my everyday thoughts and conversations. I would say, ‘I learned this while at HOBY’. After that realization, my love for HOBY became a burning passion. I couldn’t get enough!

I want to help create that passion in someone else. Little did I know that passion started the weekend I was at HOBY, I just didn’t realize my potential until later. HOBY gave my the courage to share my ideas and to be in charge. HOBY showed me that there are different types of leaders and that is okay. I want everyone to have an OUTSTANDING experience and have their passion ignited.”

2013 AmbassadorChange Takes Time

“My daughter had a amazing time at HOBY. I would like to thank the entire hoby staff for for making her time amazing this past weekend. This is just what she needed to boost her confindence. In fact, when she was chosen for this, we could already see a difference in her. Her grades started to improve and she started to talk about her future. She says she’s going to talk to sophmores when they go back to school and tell them the need to apply for this when they get the letters. She was in group 17 and I know one of her group leaders made a really big impact on her. Again thank you so much. You all are amazing!!!”

HOBY ParentI Can See Change