How do I remember HOBY after HOBY?

The HOBY Store is your connection for sporting HOBY in style while sharing the HOBY spirit all year round!!
The HOBY Store has a number of outstanding selections of merchandise, and is open during check-in, during dinner on Friday, dinner on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday, and during checkout on Sunday as well!
Don’t have cash? Don’t fret!! The HOBY Store now accepts credit cards. Find t-shirts, tank-tops, buttons, temporary tattoos, mugs, bags, sunglasses, water bottles, and more!

Caleb and Stu love showing off their muscles with this very fashionable bro-tank! This tank is also great for the scorching hot days in the summer!

Lamar loves using the bag and the sunglasses when he’s on the go and speaking at conferences!

Allison and Brock love using the mugs for their coffee! It helps them be ALIVE AWAKE ALERT ENTHUSIASTIC in the morning because these are two of the busiest people we know!

We are so excited to share all these new looks with you! Please stop by to take a look, say hello, and perhaps buy something!
Thank you for your support of The HOBY Store and the Iowa HOBY Alumni Association!!