Letter from the President – June 2016

IHorsfieldowa Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership has seen many changes since our last seminar. We have moved to a new location, formed new partnerships, and most importantly, returned to our roots. HOBY was founded by Hugh O’Brian in 1958 on the basis of three key pillars: Empower, Lead, and Excel. He wanted to encourage young individuals to achieve their highest potential and recognize that while we are not all equal, each of us can become a leader.

As a not-for-profit and leadership seminar, Iowa HOBY strives to engage future leaders in current events, stay active on social media, and promote lifelong service and education. In my five years with HOBY, I have almost always heard the ambassadors say “You have to have been there to experience HOBY. It changed my life.” While Iowa HOBY cannot replicate the entire experience with others, we can help family, friends, and community members understand the experience. Through live streaming, media coverage, and a keynote speaker specifically for our parents and guests every Iowan will have an opportunity to engage in the fun. Through a new collaboration with the World Food Prize, a service activity with Meals from the Heartland, and an opportunity for our young ambassadors to engage with community leaders, the 2016 Iowa HOBY seminar will empower each young leader to find their passion.

Iowa HOBY is governed by a volunteer Corporate Board and the seminar is organized by an additional volunteer team. While the seminar only lasts three days, Iowa HOBY is a lifelong resource. I implore you to track your service hours using our free service and set goals. It is never too late to connect the dots and find your passion. Have an outstanding seminar!

Warmest Regards,

Aaron Signature

Aaron Horsfield

2016 Iowa HOBY Corporate Board President